Egypt’s Great Ethics and Civilization


It is no doubt that Egypt is a great nation graced with great leaders, scholars, men, women, young men and women, history and civilization. Also, Egypt has a leading intellectual, scientific, cultural, military, civilizational and humanitarian role in the region. What matters most indeed is Egypt’s open horizons and viability of pardon and tolerance. It is graciously capable of avoiding low and mean matters following the logic expressed in the following statement: The fool face me with filthy stuffs Yet, I feel repugnant to reply The worse his absurdities grow, The greater forbearance I show Like agarwood increasingly burned Only for sweet-smelling to be turned However, there is a distinctive difference between the strong forbearance and the weakness and humility. Egypt is forbearing and not weak. Like an elder brother who yearns for the familial solid union and does his duty to the utmost of his ability to prevent family disintegration and disunity, Egypt is keen to keep the Arab union and will never disgrace wrongful brothers at times of urgency. Following the example of an elder brother in his family, the leading Egypt never overlooks the Arab issues. Meanwhile, it is further above all fake attempts to tempt Egypt to conflicts, imposed or ordained by other parties who, contrary to the Egyptian political prudence and wisdom, lack the necessary prudence and evaluation of consequences. Over a long and morally rich history of Egypt, the Egyptians were not known for dishonesty, betrayal, violation or aggression, unless it be for a just cause. At all times, Egypt powerfully stood by their sister and friendly states. Again, over history, Egypt is famous for good neighborhood and the Egyptians are noted for their tolerance, affability, gentle treatment and tender hearts. Extremism and fanaticism never had a place in Egypt. Temporary and accidental violence rarely occurred at some eras, which signified odd phenomena exogenous to the Egyptian community endowed with pure nature and substance. Like a summer cloud, such transient violence soon faded away. The Egyptian civilization assimilated many aspects of other civilizations and availed itself of what is useful and beneficial to the exclusion of what is harmful and evil. Over more than thousand years, AlAzhar’s noted tolerance and balanced moderation acted as the main guaranty of the Egyptian tolerance and moderation inside and outside Egypt in the Arab world, the Muslim World and the world as a whole. I versified some lines in celebration of this meaning saying, Egypt, the Quiver, is divinely saved and protected As, in the Wise Remembrance, Guaranteed t may transiently slip, But soon it stands up As a strong bulwark of Islam And a safe shelter for the noble Arabs Seekers of its peace are granted Yet, for war mongers its men challenged Free from aggression and Humility Here true manhood has the construction Only Two ends are there with no Third Absolute victory or martyrdom shared Ask the history about her Heroes To understand why the Prophet mentioned her hosts The best of hosts are those of Egypt, so give Egypt its due merit and Value Behold Al-Azhar, filled with ritual and scholarly moves Preserving and keeping sciences through centuries Teaching people of all corners of the world As tolerance is the title of our faith Send prayers to the Chosen Ahmad The Best and leader of all humankind